My interest in fiber art began more than a decade ago.  Traditional techniques used to make bed quilts soon gave way to working in contemporary forms, and my venture into art quilts became my passion.
  I make my studio on the third floor of my 1927 house in East Rochester, New York.   After spending my career teaching reading, words find their way into my work as well as the many embellishments I collected on my travels and in flea markets and antique shops.  These help create interest, design, or help tell a story.
  On any given day, you might find me creating a whimsical face or an African or Asian inspiration taken from my travels or imagination.  Faces are a particular and lasting subject for me, and my major focus has become portraits.  I show various techniques with fiber and ornamentation in delightful and diverse ways.   As the Latvian proverb says, “A smiling face is half a meal”.  Some of the works may depict whimsy as in “Grandmother’s Buttons” or have deeper meaning such as “Trapped in Tradition”.  My international travel along with teaching in the inner city, gives me rich resources for portraiture, as well as, motifs found in African and Asian Cultures.

   SUNY Brockport, Bachelors of Education
   Nazareth College of Rochester, Masters Degree in Education

Fabric Art by Nancy P. Hicks
Nancy - The World Traveler
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